EMPANADA FOR A DREAM is Juan’s story, a growing up story, downtown on Allen Street, 169 Allen, Lower East Side.

Everybody’s blasting – bacchata, merengue, salsa, hiphop and rap. And everybody’s cooking – and there’s boys playing baseball, football, skullies, johnny on the pony – and this girl – the most beautiful girl – watching from a window.

This is the story of family – Juan’s tios,  his tias,  his abuelita,  his sister, half sister, his mom and dad – all on a bed – little bed – everybody freezing,  everybody laughing.

And it’s the story of a secret, a deep shame that savages the family, the friends, the neighborhood.

It’s a story about getting out.


It's a story about coming back

To Allen Street, 169 Allen…

Like Mami says, “You don’t make it, God gonna punish you.”

EMPANADA FOR A DREAM, a new play written and performed by Juan Francisco Villa

Presented by BALLYBEG


April 21@8pm

April 22 @3pm

April 27@8pm

April 28@8pm

April 29 @ 3 & 7pm

In the TBG Studio Theatre

TBG Arts Center

312 W. 36th Street (btw. 8th & 9th Avenues) 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10018

Tickets $18.00

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Photograph by

Allen Tannenbaum